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Video 1: Identifying The Right Audience To Sell Your Courses
Very easy to understand and high definition video that enables you to understand which niche, what customers need & where the money is. The best way to kickstart your successful business without any tech hassles.
Video 2: Converting Your Skills Into A Video Or Simply Choose Dfy Course To Quick Start
Basic insights into how you too can easily convert your skills into an engaging video or choose one of our DFY course to quick start & engage max students like a pro.
Video 3: Setting Up Your First Course With AcademyPro 2.0 To Build List And Sell Online On Your Own Branded Marketplace.
Discover proven tips and tricks that guide you easily on how to create your first course and even stamp your authority by selling it on your own branded marketplace without any hassles today.
Video 4: Customizing Your Blog For Maximum Exposure.
Customize your blog with highly useful techniques to ensure you get maximum exposure and targeted traffic for your offers.
Video 5: Get Social/Viral Traffic By Setting Up Internal Social Media Campaigns on Automation.
Get precise tips on how you too can make the best use of social media by setting up automated campaigns and drive tons of social traffic that converts into happy buyers easily.
Video 6: Optimizing Your Academy Website For More Search Engine Traffic
Premium website optimization techniques that leave stone unturned to drive even more search engine traffic to your marketplace effortlessly.
Video 7: Additional High-Quality Traffic Strategies To Consider.
Get insider secrets for driving high quality traffic to each of your offers and get maximum exposure for your courses for all your audience in any niche whatsoever.
Video 8: Analyzing And Improving Your Results.
Keep a check on your results by analyzing and improving the results for your campaigns. Take corrective actions need to get even better outcome for your hard work.
Video 9: Setting Up An Internal Popup Campaign To Skyrocket Your Conversions & Profits.
Learn how to entice maximum visitors when they’re hyper engaged by setting up internal pop up campaigns and ultimately boost your conversions and profits.
Video 10: Setting Up Your 2nd Course And Rinse And Repeat To Scale It BIG.
Now you’re done with everything. Just setup your second course and literally rinse and repeat it to scale BIG and stand neck to neck with the big boys of the industry.
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Online money making looks to be a golden egg laying hen from a distance but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If you also want to make money online, then you can breathe easy.

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Expert Content Videos-
30 on-screen, step-by-step video tutorials on how to eliminate the guesswork from scratch and you get to where you want faster, better and easier so you can focus on building the business.

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AcademyPro 2.0 Training Bootcamp
  • Video 1: Identifying the right audience to sell your courses - which niche, what customers need & where the money is?
  • Video 2: Converting your skills into a video course or you can simply choose DFY course to quick start"
  • Video 3: Setting up your first course with AcademyPro 2.0 to build list and sell online on your own branded marketplace without sharing any profits.
  • Video 4: Customizing your blog for maximum exposure. Putting routine content on low competitive keywords for authority and search traffic.
  • Video 5: Getting social/viral traffic by setting up internal social media campaigns on automation.
  • Video 6: Optimizing your academy website for more search engine traffic
  • Video 7: Additional high-quality traffic strategies to consider.
  • Video 8: Analyzing and improving your results.
  • Video 9: Setting up an internal popup campaign to skyrocket your conversions & profits.
  • Video 10: Setting up your 2nd course and rinse and repeat to scale it BIG.
AcademyPro 2.0 Training Bootcamp